Our Response to COVID-19

Our ITALIAN DUAL CITIZENSHIP SERVICES (both FULL SERVICE PROGRAM & A LA CARTE PROGRAM) were never affected by the slowdown caused by COVID-19 (as many of you have been able to experience first hand). Here is why: 

  • Our Team is working full-time remotely to continue to serve present and future customers; 
  • Italian Consulates here in the U.S. continue to work as usual with some restrictions. More HERE;
  • Town Halls in Italy are open, although it may take longer to receive their official reply; 
  • The Vital Records offices as well as Secretary of State offices here in the U.S. are open for business, so there are no delays when requesting naturalization records (NARA offices are slowly reopening), U.S. vital records and Apostilles;
  • Our Translators in Italy have always been working from their homes and we are keeping them super busy as usual; 

Finally, all present and future applicants should always keep in mind that the journey to Italian Dual Citizenship is not a short one; the time it takes to put together an entire document portfolio and for the Italian Consulates to "process an application" is between 12 to 24 months (or longer). By then, we sincerely hope that this Pandemic will be a thing of the past!

At My Italian Family, we don’t just give advice, we handle all the purchasing and preparation of your entire portfolio of documents, whether you apply at an Italian Consulate here in the U.S. or you apply in Italy (including 1948 Challenge Courts Cases). Our experience spans the past 20 years, and we have expert knowledge of what each Consulate requires, as well as what the Italian Courts require.TO GET STARTED AND FOR MORE INFORMATION, CLICK HERE

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