Is Having Italian Roots Enough to Get Italian Citizenship?

To determine if you have a path to Italian Citizenship, you first need to literally “map out” your family line or lines, based on how many Italian ancestors you are lucky to have. 

People often say their Italian born ancestor is the “great-grandparent” as if that was enough to verify eligibility. Obviously more information is needed, specifically: 

  • Is your great-grandparent on your father’s side (paternal) or mother’s side (maternal)? 
  • And who is the child of your great-grandparent, your paternal or maternal grandparent (grandfather or grandmother on your father’s side or mother’s side)?

Once you have laid out your family line (for example: GREAT-GRANDFATHER – GRANDFATHER – MOTHER – YOU), you will need to start adding the dates of birth (the birth year is enough) for each family member in your direct Italian lineage. This information is important for two reasons: 

1.    If your Italian great-grandparent became a U.S. citizen, and his or her “oath of allegiance” date is after the birth of the child (next-in-line to you) and after July 1st, 1912,  you may qualify (Yay!). But if it is before the birth or before July 1, 1912, you may not have a path to citizenship (Sigh...)

2.    If you are using a female ancestor in your Italian citizenship line, you need to determine who is the “oldest” Female Ancestor. (Perhaps your great-grandmother, grandmother, or mother?)  Which ever she is, it is her child (next-in-line to you) who must be born AFTER January 1, 1948.

It may sound complicated, but it is not. The trick is to gather enough information to verify all the steps that may enable you to start your journey to Italian citizenship. If you don’t have this information we can help! 

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