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We talk to many applicants like you who are going through the not-so-easy journey of getting Italian dual citizenship
We usually encounter two (2) scenarios: 
1.    Those who have already started to collect some of the vital records (from either Italy or the US) but are stalled or do not have time to continue the process. 
2.    Those who have collected all the required vital records, but need a thorough review to address some inconsistencies in names and dates and finalize their portfolio with apostilles and translations to Italian. 

Either way, My Italian Family can take you to the “Finish Line”! 

We are delighted to introduce our Collaborative Italian Citizenship Assistance Program specifically designed to assist applicants to complete their application portfolio in preparation for their appointment with the Italian Consulate, whether they apply here in the U.S., or in the Italian Courts if they need to the challenge the 1948 Case in Italy, or file a “Denial of Justice” case, or at the Comune by moving to Italy permanently.

The Collaborative Italian Citizenship Assistance Program includes:

  • Document Review Consultation, where we audit all the documents you have already procured to determine if the documents (Italian Vital Records, Naturalization Proof Documents and US Vital Records) are complete, issued in the right format and properly certified, if there are any missing documents, and if there are discrepancies in names, dates of birth and place of birth that need to be corrected. 

Based on the findings we provide you with a plan to "take to you the finish line" which includes:

  • Acquiring the additional required documents from both Italy and the U.S. 
  • Processing the suggested corrections and amendments of U.S. vital records (if necessary). 
  • Affixing all the Apostilles to all the required U. S. documents 
  • Translating all the required US documents to Italian.

NOTE: We always consider the latest requirements published by the Italian Consulate that has jurisdiction over the State where the applicant resides. Document requirements change frequently and we need to stay on top to avoid potential delays with the Consulate approval process. 

How does it work? 

As soon as we receive your order, you will be contacted by one of our My Italian Family Project Managers with directions on how to prepare and submit your family information and documentation to us. 

Upon receipt, we will the perform a thorough audit/review of the documentation you have already acquired and send you an email with the audit results which will also include our post audit recommendations. We will then have a Zoom meeting where we will confirm that you meet the qualification requirements for Italian dual citizenship, determine the required documentation and compare it against what you have already acquired, and suggest possible needed corrections. 

Part of the program requires you and possibly other living family members to provide a copy of your valid Photo ID, and potentially sign and notarize some Limited Power of Attorney Forms so we can procure any missing required Italian and U.S. vital records.

How much does it cost? 

The price for the Collaborative Citizenship Assistance Program starts at $2,500. Additional fees apply based on the work that My Italian Family will have to conduct to finalize your document portfolio (such items as genealogical research, additional vital records from both Italy and the U.S., potential amendments, and the number of required Apostilles and Translations to Italian). The first step is to conduct a thorough Document Review Consultation. The result will be a plan with the estimated cost included. These additional fees will range between $1,500 and $5,000 based on the additional work required to finalize your document portfolio.

What is the estimate timeline to complete the project? 

Our goal is to complete your project as soon as possible, but some government agencies may take up to 14 months to fulfill records orders.
Here are the expected timelines:

  • Italian Vital Records take about 2-6 months to fulfill.
  • Naturalization Papers could take up to 14 months to fulfill.
  • U.S. Vital Records may take up to 12 months to fulfill.
  • Amendments to U.S. Vital Records may take up to 12 months to fulfill.
  • Apostilles take approximately 1-3 months depending on the States involved.
  • Translations to Italian take about 1 month.

What are the benefits for the Collaborative Italian Citizenship Program vis-à-vis the Full Start-to-Finish Program? 

If you are a do-it-yourselfer and have started the process of collecting all the Italian and U.S. vital records but would like professional assistance to complete your application portfolio, then the Collaborative Citizenship Assistance Program meets your needs. 

If you would rather rely on our professional Team to manage your entire document portfolio right from the beginning then the Full Start-to-Finish Program is the right choice; a worry-free project where you leave everything to us including genealogy research for those records that cannot be found, as well as finding ways to overcome missing documents. 

Learn more about our Italian Citizenship Programs!

Why My Italian Family, LLC?  

We are a Full-Service Company with full time employees, lawyers, and senior paralegals.  Everyone is completely focused on Italian Dual Citizenship (not other tasks/services/countries).  We are U.S. based because 99% of the work required to put your application portfolio are documents from the U.S.  Our research team in Italy procures the small number of required Italian vital records.  We keep abreast of changes in requirements and procedures from all ten Italian Consulates based here in the U.S. (and many others in Canada and other countries, as well.) Many of our competitors are based in Italy, and do not have the capability to truly put together your entire application portfolio of U.S. Documents.  But most importantly, our company has been successfully providing these services for over 20 years helping thousands of people gain Italian Citizenship.  Why not set up a FREE 15-minute Consultation phone or Zoom call with us to discuss your case!

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