Tips for Italian Citizenship Applicants: Italian Vital Records

If you are applying for Italian Dual Citizenship, one of the records you have to provide is the Italian birth certificate of your Ancestor proving that he or she was indeed born in Italy. If the birth certificate of your Italian Ancestor cannot be found in the Italian Town Hall, either because the record is missing or because his or her birth was never properly recorded, what are the next steps?

- The local Town Hall in Italy (Comune) has to issue an official letter stating that no birth record exists in their Municipal Archives and the reasons why they cannot issue an extract of such record;

- A second copy of the Municipal Records may be kept (depending on the year of birth) in the State Archive of the main province. Some State Archives may issue a certified copy of the original document (not an extract). This second copy was originally maintained in the District Court that had jurisdiction over the town where your Ancestor was born. If the records have not yet transferred to the State Archives of the main province and are still held at the District Court, they may be very difficult to acquire;

- If church records in the local Parish Church are available, a baptismal certificate issued by the local priest can sometime be accepted by the Italian Consulate as long as it is certified by the local Dioceses;

- If the baptismal record cannot be provided either, the Italian Consulate may accept a certified copy of the Italian military draft document (for males) issued by the State Archive of the main Italian province, as evidence. The Italian military record would need to show parents’ names and the ancestor’s place and date of birth.

Always check with the Italian Consulate that has jurisdiction over the State where you reside before applying.

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