Other ways to become an Italian Dual Citizen

Having an Ancestor who was born in Italy is not the only eligibility requirement for Italian Dual Citizenship. You have to make sure that your Italian Ancestor did not become a U.S. citizen before the birth of his/her son or daughter here in the United States. Unfortunately, many took the oath before (or were naturalized before July 1, 1912), thus their descendants are no longer eligible. There are other ways to claim Italian citizenship.

If you are living now, or plan on living in Italy (through work visa’s, etc.) you may qualify in the following ways:

• Live one year in Italy, if you were formerly an Italian citizen

• Live three years in Italy, if you are a foreigner with native-born Italian parents or grandparents

• Live four years in Italy, if you are a citizen of another EU country

• Live ten years in Italy, if you are a citizen of a non-EU country

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