Local artists in small towns in Italy

We are all very familiar with artists like Michelangelo, Raffaello, Giotto but there are so many more very talented ones who worked in small towns and decorated churches and other buildings. 

We found one in the town of Bianzone (province of Sondrio in Lombardia) who painted these beautiful frescos in the Mother Church of San Siro; his name is Cipriano Valorsa, painter from the 1500s also known as “the Raffaello of Valtellina” (Valtellina the alpine valley in Lombardia known for its landscapes, parks and wines).

Like all Valleys, Valtellina has preserved the character of its own inhabitants throughout the centuries. Bianzone was always considered second to the town of Teglio (which gives the name to Val-Tellina) despite its diverse history. Today Bianzone has merged with all its hamlets i.e. contrade which used to be totally separate and independent in the past. In fact people remember that visiting a girlfriend in a nearby village could be a life threatening experience. This reality is still very much alive even today.