Learn if you QUALIFY for Italian Dual Citizenship Through your Great-Grandparents

Qualification Requirements: Your grandfather or grandmother was born in the United States or a country other than Italy, his or her parent (your great-grandparent) was born in Italy and was an Italian citizen at the time of your grandparent’s birth (*), and neither you, your parent, nor your grandparent ever renounced Italian citizenship.

(*) Additional Requirements: if you are using your Italy-born female ancestor, you have to make sure the next in line child was born ON or AFTER January 1, 1948.

Documentation Needed: if eligible, you must obtain the following documents (newly issued in long form, certified, apostilled and translated to Italian):

  • Your great-grandfather's birth record
  • Your great-grandmother's birth record
  • Your great-grandparents' marriage record
  • The applicable great-grandparent’s record of naturalization, or proof that he/she never naturalized
  • Death certificate for the great-grandparent through whom you are seeking citizenship
  • Your grandfather's birth record
  • Your grandmother's birth record
  • Your grandparents' marriage record
  • Death certificate for the grandparent through whom you are seeking citizenship
  • Your father's birth record
  • Your mother's birth record
  • Your parents' marriage record
  • Death certificate for the parent through whom you are seeking citizenship
  • Your birth record
  • Your marriage record
  • Divorce decrees for your you, and/or your parents, and/or your grandparents, and/or your great-grandparents (if applicable)
  • Records of additional marriages for you, and/or your parent, and/or your grandparent, and/or your great-grandparent through whom you are seeking citizenship  (if applicable)

In addition, you will have to provide a copy of your passport, driver's license and one utility bill to confirm your actual residence AND you will have to fill out up to four (4) application forms, stating that neither you nor your ascendants ever renounced Italian citizenship before any Italian authority, listing all the places of residence:

Form 1 – Application of Italian Citizenship
Form 2 – Application of Italian Citizenship 
Form 3 – Application of Italian Citizenship (for any living ascendants)
Form 4 – Application of Italian Citizenship (for ALL deceased ascendants)
AIRE Form - Census for All Italian Citizens Residing Abroad
NOTE: You don’t need to have these forms notarized with the exception of Form 3. 

All U.S. vital records must be issued in "LONG FORM" and have to be in "CERTIFIED COPY." You must request the Vital Statistics Authority to state the CITY OF BIRTH, listing only the "County" of birth will not be accepted.

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