Italian Dual Citizenship & Baseball

Our family journey toward Italian citizenship started over a decade ago when my son Nick was offered an opportunity to play professional baseball in Italy and Europe and also be a member of the Italian National Collegiate Baseball team.  He was advised that in order to have priority he had to obtain Italian citizenship Jure Sanguinis

We researched our family history and learned that my Grandfather Naturalized after my Father’s birth and we were therefore qualified.  The paperwork gathering process began and after some twists and turns we found ourselves at the Philadelphia Consulate where our paperwork was accepted and Nick got his passport and suited up to play shortly thereafter.   What a wonderful international experience for a recent college graduate.

The Montgomeries -- an early Italian-American Baseball team

My daughter and son have three children under the age of seven who are now Italian citizens.  Who knows what is in store for these youngsters in the future.   Maybe more baseball or a chance to live, study, work professionally or perform in Europe without having to obtain a visa.   Having Italian and EU citizenship opens a vast new world of future opportunities for us with little downside.   I see our Italian citizenship as the gift that keeps giving.  Literally the whole world is at our disposal.  Do it while you can.

Courtesy of Eric Iovacchini who collaborates with My Italian Family to assist people applying for Italian Dual Citizenship.

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