Instance When Your Italian-born Ancestor was Unable to Pass Ctizenship to his Children

If your Italian-born Ancestor was a minor when he or she left Italy, you cannot use him or her as your proof of eligibility.

Until 1976, the age of majority in Italy was 21. Minors who emigrated would naturalize concurrently with their parents. If your ancestor was a still a minor when his or her parent naturalized, it is likely that he/she also was naturalized at the same time.  You will need to provide proof/appropriate documentation if this individual was naturalized at a later date.

If your Italian ancestor was naturalized along with his or her parent as a minor, he or she effectively renounced his or her right to Italian citizenship. This means that your ancestor was unable to pass Italian citizenship by Ancestry (jure sanguinis) to his or her children as an adult. No exceptions are made in these cases.

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