How to amend US documents?

While gathering the required family records, it is not uncommon to discover inconsistencies in these documents.  There may be name, date or place differences or spelling errors in birth, marriage and death documents.  Examples might be the misspelling of first or last names, Americanization of Italian names, nicknames instead of formal names or different birth dates on different documents.

Italian Consulates require that documents be correct and consistent with the names and dates listed in the Italian family documents.  We recommend if you discover an inconsistency that you address it and make an effort to correct the record before your consular appointment.

Be aware that most states do not allow a descendant to correct a birth record for someone who is deceased.  They may allow corrections with required supporting evidence for marriage and death records.  Not all states allow all descendants to correct documents so it is our advice that you check with the appropriate vital records office to ascertain who can correct and what documentation is required.
Depending on the circumstances some states may require a court order to get a correction.  Also be aware that US Naturalization records cannot be corrected for someone who is deceased.

We advise that you carefully review all of your required documents for consistency and address what needs to be corrected prior to your appointment.  Once corrections are made, obtain the appropriate Apostille, have the document translated to Italian and submit it with your application.

If you find that you are not able to obtain a correction, the Italian Consulate may advise you what your options are, if any, in order for you to be successful with your Italian dual citizenship application.

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