Do you know the coat-of-arms of your Ancestral town?

Almost every town in Italy has a civic coat-of-arms. Most of these colorful crests or banners tell a little story of each town featuring animals, mountains, trees, vineyards, castles, etc.

They used to be displayed in public areas such as city gates, communal palaces, public fountains, churches and it’s not uncommon to find them there still.

In the picture, the coat of arm (stemma) or emblem of the town of Bitetto (Bari, Puglia) dates back to the 1200s; the mythical unicorn symbolizes power and wisdom, the blooming grapevine represents a fertile land and the star is a reminder of those civic values and ideals that never wane (like the stars).

Next time you are in Italy remember to make time to visit your Ancestral Town; you will be able to see in person the coat-of-arms of the town where your ancestors were originally from and much more. Read about our onsite services.