Citizenship by marriage

The process of applying for Italian Dual Citizenship by marriage. is certainly easier, in the sense that there are fewer papers to present to the Italian Consulate.  

There are two procedures depending on the sex of the applicant and the marriage date:

A) FOR WOMEN MARRIED TO ITALIAN MEN BEFORE APRIL 27, 1983. Foreign women who married Italian men prior to 27 April 1983 automatically acquired Italian citizenship, and thus are entitled to apply simultaneously with their husband.

B) FOR MEN MARRIED TO ITALIAN WOMEN IN ANY YEAR AND FOR WOMEN MARRIED TO ITALIAN MEN AFTER APRIL 27, 1983. Spouses of Italian citizens can apply for citizenship after six months of marriage if a couple is living in Italy, and after three years of marriage if they are living abroad. When applying, if these time periods have already been met the process is immediately started.

The documentation varies based on which of the two situations apply to you but in both cases among other documents, you will have to provide your marriage certificate issued by the Italian town hall where it was registered.

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