About the Italian Marriage Record

The estratto per riassunto dell'atto di matrimonio or extract of a marriage act (which is the format required by the Italian Consulate to process your Dual Citizenship application), provides the following information:

• Name of the Comune and of the Province, Year, Part, Series and Record Number

• Date (and time) of marriage

• Place of marriage (only the Comune is listed, seldom the hamlet or frazione is)

• Groom’s information, i.e. date of birth/age, place of birth (and place of residence)

• Bride’s information, i.e. name, date of birth/age, place of birth (and place of residence)

• (Names of the parents of the groom and the bride) 

The brackets identify information that can also be listed in the extract of a marriage act.

Marriage records are issued in dual copy: one copy remains at the Comune, or Ufficio di Stato Civile, and one is sent to the “Procura della Repubblica” (Country Court at province level). 

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