About the Italian Certificate of Citizenship

The Certificate of Citizenship is not the Naturalization Certificate issued by the USCIS here in the U.S. It is a certification issued by the local Italian Town hall stating that your Ancestor at the time of his/her migration was still an Italian citizen.

NOTE: Town halls do not have a common procedure regarding what to issue when it comes to Certificates of Citizenship:

  • They may issue a statement certifying that based on the records they have available (which is usually ONLY the birth certificate since people migrated away quite early) the person did not lose his/her Italian citizenship,
  • They may only issue the birth certificate which does NOT list a side notation with information on your Ancestor's loss of citizenship, OR
  • They may issue a declaration stating the reason why they cannot certify the person’s citizenship status.

Whichever document we receive you will have to present it together with our official request to the Italian Consulate the day of your appointment.

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