If you are starting the journey to Italian Dual Citizenship, you are faced with a big decision to make: who should I hire to take me to the “Finish” Line? This is a great question; if you are too busy you can use a service company that specializes in Italian citizenship, but you should look for a Company that has a “physical” and “legal” presence in both the U.S. AND Italy. Here is why:

- As we all know each family situation is unique; for this reason hiring a Company with both Italian and US lawyers who know the Italian Citizenship Law and have years of experience in guiding applicants through this complicated process is key when determining whether you qualify or not.

- Your document portfolio is a combination of Italian and US vital records. You need to make sure the Company you hire has in-house lawyers licensed to practice here in the US so they are legally allowed to order US Vital Records in most US States AND be able to file Court Orders to procure and/or amend US Vital Records.

- Hiring a company that also has in-house Italian based lawyers can speed things up when requesting the qualifying Italian vital records to the town hall, i.e. comune where your Ancestors were originally from in Italy.

- The majority of applicants for Italian Citizenship will “apply” here in the US at the Italian Consulate that has jurisdiction over the state where they reside; however, many of you are planning to move to Italy, either to retire, work, or go to school there. If that is the case, you want to hire a company that can assist with your Fast Track Application in the “right” way, no matter where you are going to establish your residence in Italy.  Beware of all the SCAMS who try and sell you Italian citizenship in a short period of time while vacationing in Italy. 

- If you are the applicant whose only option is to sue the Italian government in the Civil Courts in Rome because you have to either overcome the 1948 Rule (a requirement that only affects descendants of female ancestors) or overcome the “involuntary” US citizenship derived by “marriage” of the Italy-born female ancestor, you will need to hire a Company who can put together your complete document portfolio AND represent you in court in Italy at the same time. 

My Italian Family TOGETHER with Mazzeschi, our affiliate Law Firm in Italy, can do all of this for you. During our years of collaboration, we have successfully assisted many applicants like you, fulfilling their dream of becoming Italian Dual Citizens. 

Discover who we are by learning about our international Team of Experts who have the right qualifications and experience to take you through this very complex journey. 

We are offering a FREE 15-minute Telephone Consultation for applicants who have questions regarding qualification requirements, required documentation, and would like to learn more about the cost and timelines for our Full Service. We also offer tips on how to make an appointment with the Italian Consulate here in the US. Simply call us at 1-844-741-0848 (Option 1); we answer LIVE SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, from 8:30AM to 6:30PM ET. 

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