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Thousands of people around the world who qualify for Italian Citizenship are currently exploring the possibility to become dual citizens.  Not only does it reconnect you with your Italian Heritage and Homeland, but it also allows you to be eligible to work, live and study in the European Union countries without the need for a Visa.  Other benefits that you will accrue by having Italian Dual Citizenship include: transferring citizenship to all your children under 18, public education available to all EU citizens, and if you later reside in Italy, you will have easier access to public health care.  By becoming an Italian Citizen, you will still maintain your US Citizenship.

Italian Dual Citizenship Services

If you are embarking in the journey to Italian Dual Citizenship, MY ITALIAN FAMILY can assist you with the entire process (Start-to-Finish Program) or in just a specific task (Italian Vital Records, Naturalization Records, Apostilles, Translations to Italian and Consultations) to be accomplished (À la Carte Menu). Let's get you started!
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Schedule a Telephone Consultation

Select your Telephone Consultation and learn if you qualify for Italian Dual Citizenship. We will help you build a personalized plan that either you can execute yourself or outsource from "Start-to-Finish" to MY ITALIAN FAMILY!
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Order a Naturalization Record

If you are applying for your Italian Dual Citizenship, you need to provide copies of your Ancestor’s “Naturalization Papers”. We will conduct a thorough research and deliver to you certified copies as required by the Italian Consulates. If no papers can be found, we will gather the necessary “No Record” letters and corresponding certified US Census records for you.
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Italian Citizenship FAQs

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