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Our comprehensive “Start-to-Finish Program” includes gathering of ALL the required Italian & US Vital Records, Naturalization Papers, Apostilles and Translations. We provide full assistance, including preparation for your Consulate Interview!

Research your Family Tree

Discover the complete story of your Italian Roots! Our genealogists bring you intricate details about the lives of your Ancestors and present day Family. You will receive a Family Book with first-hand research results & photos of your Ancestral town.

Order Italian Documents

When applying for Italian Citizenship, you'll need to gather Italian Vital Records to prove your Ancestor was indeed born in Italy. Here you can order Birth, Marriage, Death, Certificate of Citizenship, Certificate Positive/Negative records.
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Living up to the full feeling of the name "My Italian Family"

I could not be more pleased with this  group of experts on how to prepare for an application for Italian Citizenship. The team I worked with was professional, knowledgeable, and experienced in all aspect of citizenship application and required documentation. Particularly helpful were the initial phone interview to get everything organized and the final phone consultation just before submitting the citizenship application at the Italian Consulate.  I would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking Italian Citizenship, and they more than lived up to the full feeling of the name "My Italian Family" because I felt they were my family....

David G.

Excellent Service including for “do-it-yourselfers”!

If you are seeking Dual Citizenship you MUST consult and use My Italian Family . They are thoroughly familiar with how to get all of this done. They acquired certain documents from Italy for me as well as some other documents from various sources . For the documents which I retrieved on my own they advised me on easily used methods of locating and collecting them , notaries , apostilles, etc. I recently successfully completed this entire process and simply could not have done it without working with them.

Prof. Paul A. – Architect

In genealogy, it is never what you think!

I always knew I wanted to tell the story of Castelvetere sul Calore, my ancestral hometown in Campania. When my mother and I first rediscovered the town 23 years ago, who could have imagined that our story would turn into an episode of my own PBS travel series Dream of Italy! So I turned to My Italian Family for help in finding all of the documents we needed to effectively tell the story of what we thought was the truth. In genealogy, it is never what you think!

Kathy McCabe, Host and Executive Producer of award winning travel series Dream of Italy

They are thorough and complete!

My Italian Family really knows what they are doing and are very thorough. They helped me and my son get our Italian citizenship and presented the finalized documents to take to the Italian consulate in a very organized folder. Getting Italian Citizenship is a lengthy process and will not happen overnight but My Italian Family team will make sure it happens!

Maria Teresa S.
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Since the year 2000, our team of Italian & US lawyers and research experts has helped thousands of customers successfully obtain their Italian Dual Citizenship and reconnect to their Roots in Italy.