Italian Dual Citizenship

Also this year the Sons of Italy Foundation's National Education and Leadership Awards Gala will be featuring an online Silent Auction.

You have a few days left to bid on some amazing items, including a weekend gateway at the Gaylord (National Harbor), collector's items, great seats at sporting events and our Italian Dual Citizenship Support Package

If you are interested in Italian Dual Citizenship and reside in south-eastern PA or southern NJ, the Italy-America Business Council & Network of Greater Philadelphia is sponsoring an event on May 9th. We will be there to answer all your questions. To register, please visit: 

Today, more and more applicants for Italian Dual Citizenship are faced with the decision to apply in their country of residence, United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, etc. or to apply in Italy.

My Italian Heritage always played an important role in my life from the way I was brought up to the way I valued family in my life. I wanted to apply for my Italian Dual Citizenship to solidify those feelings and allow me to live, study and work in Italy and other EU countries without the need of a Visa. 

An important decision for a family to make when seeking Italian Citizenship via jure sanguinis (citizenship by blood) is the organizing and sequencing of the process.  

Have you ever wondered what an Apostille is and why it is required?

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