Italian Dual Citizenship

Today, more and more applicants for Italian Dual Citizenship are faced with the decision to apply in their country of residence, United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, etc. or to apply in Italy.

My Italian Heritage always played an important role in my life from the way I was brought up to the way I valued family in my life. I wanted to apply for my Italian Dual Citizenship to solidify those feelings and allow me to live, study and work in Italy and other EU countries without the need of a Visa. 

An important decision for a family to make when seeking Italian Citizenship via jure sanguinis (citizenship by blood) is the organizing and sequencing of the process.  

Have you ever wondered what an Apostille is and why it is required?

In today’s world, we are accustomed to citizenship rules being applied to men and women equally.  That hasn’t always been the case neither in Italy, nor in the United States.

Embrace your Italian roots and gain your dual citizenship with this Italian Dual Citizenship "Start to Finish" Support Package from My Italian Family! 

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