Fast-Track: Apply for Italian Dual Citizenship in Italy

Lately many of you might have noticed that making an appointment with the Italian Consulate is getting more and more difficult, at times almost impossible. Average wait time is now closer to 20 months or more, for most of the Consulates in the US. This is the result of a huge increase in the number of applicants in the last year or so. 

What do do?

Since putting together an application for Italian Dual Citizenship takes some time, you can either choose to apply here in the US with a long wait time or you can apply directly in Italy, a potentially faster result. 

Pros and Cons of “Fast-Track” applications

Although there likely is no “waiting” time for an appointment in Italy, you still must gather all the same documentation as if you were applying locally here in the US or in your country of residency.  The process then requires that you establish residence in Italy usually for the duration of the application, which takes 4 to 9 months to be finalized.  The time frame varies with each applicant.

You can actually chose to apply in any town of your liking. It can be in your Ancestral town, which certainly makes sense given that it’s where your Ancestors resided for generations, or anywhere else. 

You will need to rent a flat and to stay initially in your new residence for a few weeks.  During this time, a local Police officer will visit you to establish that you are living there.   It is advisable that you remain in Italy until this first step called “Residency Registration” is completed, which usually takes about 45-60 days.  Once the Residency Registration is completed and you have officially applied for the Italian citizenship, you may be able to leave while still keeping your legal residence in Italy. These decisions can best be managed by hiring professionals acting on your behalf.  In any case, you must have the flexibility and ability to come back to Italy when required.

Applying in Italy is not cheap; you will still have to bear the cost of putting together your entire application (acquisition of Italian and US vital records, certified copies of Naturalization records, Apostilles and translation of US documents to Italian) plus the professional fees of a law firm in Italy to assist you through the entire process of applying there.

The good news is that it’s doable and, if approved, you will become an Italian Dual Citizen much faster. 

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