Family Tree

Finding the right present for the person we care can be difficult at times. We are always looking for something special and unique, something that can last more than a lifetime even to the point of leaving a legacy for our younger generations.

If not , here is your chance to win a Family Research Project! Contest begins October 1, 2018!

Errico (Errico being the Neapolitan version which was later changed to the Italian version Enrico) Caruso was born in Naples on February 25, 1873 in the house located in Via Santi Giovanni e Paolo, n. 7,  in the populated district known as  San Giovanniello, located between Piazza Ottocalli and Piazza Carlo III (picture below).

The “Mille” of Giuseppe Garibaldi, also known as the redshirts, were a thousand-people army (records disagree as to the exact number, what we know for sure is that a little over 1,080 made it to Sicily); despite scant preparations and a shortage of weapons, Garibaldi’s volunteers sailed from Quarto (dei Mille), a district of Genova, at dawn on May 6, 1860 and landed in Marsala a few days later.

Notary Acts in Italy can be extremely useful if, after having exhausted all the information available in the Italian church records, you want to research even further back and learn more about your family history.

Do you know the meaning of your last name? It may tell you about some physical traits of your Ancestors, where they were originally from and more...

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