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Unless individuals seeking Italian citizenship via jure sanguinis have definitive proof or confirmation that their ancestor naturalized they should not automatically assume that by serving in the US armed forces their ancestor gave up his Italian citizenship. 

Arturo Toscanini was born at 3:00 am on March 25, 1867 in in the house located in via San Giacomo No. 13 in Parma, Emilia–Romagna, son of Claudio Toscanini and Paola Montani.

Researching Italian Records can be very rewarding if we take into account that people would remain in the same town generation after generation. It is part of the Italian culture to settle in one place, marry people from within the same community, live in the same ancestral home and pass on the same trade to the next generation. As a result, today we may be able to trace a family as far back as the late 1500s by researching records in the same town.

It is undeniable that genealogy has become a popular pastime for 21st century Italian Americans, who have become very interested in learning more about the lives of their immigrant ancestors.