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The oldest Catasti date back to the 1300s and at the time they were the first census of the population to be recorded in the Papal States (what is now Lazio, Umbria and Marche). The most valuable are known as Catasti Onciari and were recorded in the South of Italy around the mid-1700s; the great amount of information available in these documents tell us the size of a family, the professions of all family members, their assets (i.e.

Almost every town in Italy has a civic coat-of-arms. Most of these colorful crests or banners tell a little story of each town featuring animals, mountains, trees, vineyards, castles, etc.

While gathering the required family records, it is not uncommon to discover inconsistencies in these documents. There may be name, date or place differences or spelling errors in birth, marriage and death documents.

Francesco Borrello, Jr. is one of the Italian writers who shared his family history with My Italian Family. In particular, he introduced his grandfather to us from whom he inherited not only his namesake but also his ability to tell a story.

The cost varies based on how many generations exist between you and your Italian ancestor who emigrated to your country.  For instance, these are the costs that you will likely incur:

1. You will need your Italian ancestor’s birth, marriage and death certificates, as applicable.

What to do if the Italian birth record of your Ancestor is not available in the town hall where he or she was born.