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There are more than 8,000 towns in Italy, almost double the number of hamlets but they all have one thing in common: each one has a unique name with a history behind it. 

According to researchers Peter Ralph and Graham Coop, who applied DNA-based evidence to confirm the mathematical theory that everyone on Earth is related, the answer is yes.

The process of applying for Italian Dual Citizenship by marriage. is certainly easier, in the sense that there are fewer papers to present to the Italian Consulate.  

There are two procedures depending on the sex of the applicant and the marriage date:

Our family journey toward Italian citizenship started over a decade ago when my son Nick was offered an opportunity to play professional baseball in Italy and Europe and also be a member of the Italian National Collegiate Baseball team.  He was advised that in order to have priority he had to obtain Italian citizenship Jure Sanguinis

If you are passionate about genealogy you might have heard about DNA testing. 

The key document to determine whether you qualify or not is the Naturalization Certificate or “lack” of it (the so-called Statement of No Record).

You have to make sure that your Ancestor who was born in Italy did not become a U.S. citizen before the birth of his/her son or daughter in the United States.