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Assuming you already have an appointment with the Italian Consulate that has jurisdiction over the State where you reside AND assuming you have gathered all the required Italian Vital Records, Naturalization Records, US Vital Records (Apostilled and translated to Italian) including properly filled-out application forms, this is generally what you should expect when you walk into the Italian Consulate the day of your meeting: 

Finding the right  present for the person we care can be difficult at times. We are always looking for something special and unique, something that can last more than a lifetime even to the point of leaving a legacy for our younger generations. 

Building a family tree going back several generations; reconnecting our roots to our Ancestral town can be rewarding. Perhaps it satisfies the need for closer family ties in a very mobile society, or simply unveils a special mystery. 

If not , here is your chance to win a Family Research Project! Contest begins October 1, 2018!

If you are an Italian Dual Citizen and you are traveling to Italy (a dream that many of us have…) or to any other EU country, you might have asked yourself: which passport should I use when I land in Italy? Italian or US? The answer is: either one. 

To avoid the long wait time for appointments at the Italian Consulates here in the US, you can establish residency in Italy and apply for Italian Dual Citizenship in-person. We call this “FAST-TRACK”.

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