Here are some directions and suggestions on how to make an appointment with the Italian Consulate that has jurisdiction over the State where you permanently reside. You can now only book your appointment with the Italian Consulate ONLINE through their system called “Prenota OnLine”:

UPDATE: As of June 14, 2021, a handful of new consulates have adopted a new booking system called '[email protected] Mi'.  Click HERE to learn more about this change.


Boston Italian Consulate: CLICK HERE 


Chicago Italian Consulate: CLICK HERE


Detroit Italian Consulate: CLICK HERE 


Houston Italian Consulate: CLICK HERE


Los Angeles Italian Consulate: CLICK HERE 


Miami Italian Consulate:  CLICK HERE 


New York Italian Consulate: CLICK HERE 


Philadelphia Italian Consulate: CLICK HERE 


San Francisco Italian Consulate: CLICK HERE 


Washington DC Italian Embassy: CLICK HERE

First access the link, shown above, of the Italian Consulate that has jurisdiction of the State where you reside here in the US and register by creating a USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Upon registering you will receive a confirmation email; you will then be allowed to land on the Prenota OnLine Main Menu Page where you click on “Make your Reservation”.

This will take you to a page where you can “Choose Service” – You will select “Citizenship” (if you are second, third or fourth generation Italian American and you are applying via Jure Sanguinis, i.e. by right of blood).  Some Consulates (specifically, New York and Los Angeles) have the option to select “Applicants with parents born in Italy” if you are first generation Italian American. If you are already an Italian Citizen and you are looking to get or renew your Italian Passport, you will select “Passports”. 

After making your selection you will be asked to fill out a form similar to this one: 

Once you click “Confirm” you will land to the Calendar Page. The Calendar defaults automatically to the farthest out Month that the Consulate is booking.  No need to scroll further out, nothing will be available.

- The Consulate will periodically add a day, week, or month at this backend, depending on what their policy is. 

- You can navigate backwards to months closer and closer to “today”, to look for openings. 


Sign in prior to 6PM Eastern Time on any given day.  Why 6PM? Because it’s the time, i.e. midnight Italian time, that their system refreshes and new openings may pop up from people who have cancelled appointments.  NOTE: Every day there are people cancelling appointments.  Adjust the time based on your Time Zone, e.g. 3PM Pacific for the Los Angeles or San Francisco Consulates.

In addition, if the day you are looking for an appointment is the day they add a day/week/month on the backend, then the system automatically will route you to that date, so you’ll see brand new available time slots (HIGHLIGHTED IN GREEN) at about 6:01pm Eastern.

Otherwise, navigate to the Calendar Page by repeating all the steps we outlined, and then “wait” for the clock to strike 6pm Eastern.

NOTE: Because so many people are logging in at the same time, it all depends on where you are in the queue that day. Generally speaking, you should not refresh your browser, because you may run the risk of being booted out and lose your spot in the queue. If you are high enough up the queue you could be lucky to “click” on an opening and secure the appointment.  By 6:15pm or so, all the available new openings, whether from these cancellations or on the back end will be “gone”, taken upby somebody else.  

PLEASE NOTE: Each Italian Consulate has slightly different procedures. For instance, the Italian Consulate in Boston opens its schedule systematically every first Monday of the month at 4pm EST. They only open a limited number of appointment slots (about eight) which are currently for 2022. These are in extremely high demand and are completely booked shortly after 4pm given that there are hundreds of people trying to get a "green" slot. The appointment must be booked online in the Prenota system and not by phone.This situation is fluid and may be changing in the next couple months as the consulates start to open back up. We understand this can be very frustrating, but please keep trying to log in as frequently as you can on the first Monday of the month and hopefully the Boston Consulate will open more appointment slots in the future.

Lately, a few Italian Consulates are making available cancellations in REAL TIME; if you login multiple times a day, and you are lucky (!), an opening may come up. 

EACH APPOINTMENT IS USUALLY FOR ONE APPLICANT ONLY; however currently the Italian Consulate in Philadelphia allows two family members per appointment. 

Finally, beware of sites that sell you an appointment with an Italian Consulate for a hefty fee. They try to beat the system illegally and Italian Consulates know it. You run the risk of your appointment being cancelled by your Italian Consulate.  

This Resource has been updated by My Italian Family on October 8, 2020. 

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