Research Your Family 9 Generations Back + Living Relatives

Research Fees & Timeline

9 Generations Back + Living Relatives Research Fee = $5,000  

We require a $2,000 down payment to get started.

Once the research project is completed we will email you the research reports + final invoice.  Upon receipt of the final payment of $3,000, we will be mailing you the hard copy final report, i.e. Family Book.

You can expect the research to be completed in 10 to 12 weeks but it really depends on when the local municipality and church will grant us access to their archives.

Final Report Includes: 
  • Genealogy Report
  • Family Chart
  • The Story of your Family & List of Family Documents
  • Printed Family Documents
  • List of Photographs taken in your Ancestral town
  • Printed Photographs of your Ancestral town
  • A DVD containing all the above + a Gedcom file
Format: mm/dd/yyyy