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We are so excited you are interested in the research of your Italian Roots! Thousands of people have hired My Italian Family to trace their families back in time.  Connecting our clients with their Italian family history isn’t just our business, it’s our passion!

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What you can expect to receive

Our Research Projects always take place ONSITE in Italy; we will visit your town of origin and perform the research either in the municipal records and/or in the church records, depending on what your research goal is and on your budget. Although each Research Option that we offer, differs based on the number of generations we research, this is what you should expect to receive: 

•   Onsite research in Italy by one of our 20 professional researchers, including a fixed price no matter how much time it takes to finish the research;  

•   A complete custom Genealogy Report, (SAMPLE HERE) with a translation of your family information listed in each record found;  

•   Printed documentation (birth, marriage and when available, death records) and other vital records found (possible addresses of births, professions of family members, witnesses at births and marriages, etc.);

•   Photographs of the town, meaningful town buildings and sites, and, if existing, pictures of the homes your ancestors were born in and lived in (if still standing) during the 1800s; 

•   A flash drive with the digital version of your Family Book including your family tree saved in GEDCOM formats for your future use and sharing with other family members;

•   Prompt, professional and courteous customer service from the #1 Source for your Family Roots! 

Are you ready to begin researching your Italian family? Read about the Marcuzzi Family for a taste of what’s in store, then contact us to start your own research project!

Kathy McCabe is the host and executive producer of the award winning travel series DREAM OF ITALY on PBS and Create TV. Season 2 is particularly dear to us, not just because we are one of the proud sponsors of the show, but because Kathy traveled with her parents to her Ancestral town to reconnect to her Italian roots. This is what she was able to find with our help.

Do you know the meaning of your last name? It may tell you about some physical traits of your Ancestors, where they were originally from and MORE.

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The Process

Researching a family tree can be challenging at times, but the reward is priceless. Every family history is unique, different towns, different cultures, different dialects, and different trades but they all have a common denominator: they are all Italian. Our research projects always start with the Italy-born Ancestor who migrated away from a small village along the seashore or hidden in the mountains of the Apennines. The key is to know the EXACT town of birth because all records in Italy are maintained locally. This is the essential information that we need from you in order to get started:

  • Full Name of your Italy-born Ancestor
  • Date of Birth
  • EXACT Town of Birth
  • His or her Parents'Names (if available)
  • Additional information includes immigration dates, spouse's information, children's names, etc. 

A preliminary research takes place to make sure the Italy-born Ancestor can be found in the birth register of the Italian town you provided; if not, a research in US records (immigration records, military records, naturalization records, etc.) is required to find the missing information. Once we are able to locate your Ancestor, our Italy-based professional researcher makes an appointment with the local municipality to visit their archives or with the Parish Church, depending on where in Italy your family was originally from. A day is set and the onsite research can finally begin! Extensive research will be performed in either the municipal and/or church records. One or more days of on-site research is required to search all the records based on the Research Option you have selected. We usually research your direct family line with complete family groups (i.e. all siblings). 

Things to know before you buy

The success of each Research Project is determined by the availability of family documents; our goal is to exhaust all records sources in the event we hit a roadblock. If municipal records have gaps, we rely on census records, or on second copies (and other records) available in the State Archives of the main province or on church records. 

Each Research Option that we offer is priced for one family line in one town only

If you have chosen a specific Research Option listing a certain number of generations, but we can only find records documenting a lesser amount of family information, the final price will be revised. 

It is true that Italian families settled in the same town for generations; there are exceptions where the research in a specific town comes to a forced stop because we discover that the family hailed from different village. If that's the case, we will review together our options and provide an estimate for the additional cost to continue the research in another town. 

Starting at $1,500

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