Discover centuries of information about your Italian Roots through our research services! Find out your ancestors’ names, addresses, occupations and many more amazing details about your ancestry. Our research team works tirelessly to weave together a complete picture of your historic and present-day Italian family. At MY ITALIAN FAMILY, we have been turning Italian family history dreams into reality since 2000!


Research Your Family History

Connecting our clients with their Italian family history isn’t just our business, it’s our passion! With over 20 professional researchers located in Italy, we will visit your ancestral town and perform the research onsite either in the municipal records or in the local church records. Learn about our Research Options and choose the one that better fits your goal and budget!

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Find your Living Relatives

How long have you been dreaming about connecting with your living relatives in Italy? We can help. The search for your Living Relatives will begin onsite in Italy in the municipal archives of your town of origin with a complete listing of your ancestors from the late 1800s and early 1900s. With a fuller picture of your family’s past, we can begin a “FORWARD” search for your living relatives. So let's get started!

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Visit your Ancestral Town in Italy

Traveling to Italy to experience its sights, aromas and textures is, by far, the best way to connect with your Italian roots. Have you ever imagined yourself walking down the street where your Ancestor was born? We can make your dream come true! Come in and we'll explain in detail what we do.

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Create A Custom Research Project

If our Research Options don't cover your specific research goal, we can tailor a project just for you. No matter your goal, we’re ready to help!

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Family Research FAQs

Questions about our Family Research Projects? This is the place for you. Review our Frequently Asked Questions and learn more about our services!

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