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The Italy-America Business Council & Network (IABCN) is a nonprofit organization created in 1991 comprised of businesses and professionals throughout Italy and the United States, with special attention given to the city of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley zone, promoting a solid platform of services and resources for the two countries. The IABCN organizes numerous events including delegation visits, presentations, informal networking events and social events.

Currently, the IABCN is situated as a strong intermediary between American institutions to facilitate commercial relationships between IABCN members. The IABCN’s overriding vision is to foster young leaders who are interested in the developing commercial ties between Italy and the United States. To this end, the IABCN procures internships and financial aid for deserving students. For more information, please visit

Discounts for IABCN Premium Members

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IABCN Premium Members will benefit from a 10% Discount on our Italian Dual Citizenship services, specifically:

Qualification Consultation (Do you qualify?): The first stage is a 60-minute consultation with our immigration lawyer to review the applicant’s family history and determine if the individual does in fact, qualify for Italian Dual Citizenship.  The intent is to review the applicant’s family history against the multitude of criteria set forth by both the Italian Government and local rules by the Philadelphia Consulate. Consultation Fee: $200

Obtaining Naturalization Documents (Can you prove you qualify?): We will ask the applicant to provide specific information, including exact names of their Italian ancestors, dates of birth, marriage and death, and locations of these events.  This will be conducted via a completed survey.  We will then solicit appropriate information from the US government functions for proof of Naturalization of the applicant’s most recent direct lineage ancestor who migrated to the US.  If the Naturalization information obtained proves that the applicant can qualify, the applicant can then make the decision to go to the next stage of the program. Research Fee $350.

Application Documentation (Preparing for Consulate Presentation):  With the information already collected on Stage 2, we will establish a list of documents required (including Apostilles and Translations) from Italy and from the US.  We will then prepare a personalized estimate for the applicant of the cost and timelines of the Application documentation effort.  This could range from a set of 10+ documents if the applicant is a first generation American with an Italian born parent, to a set of 30+ documents for someone using a Great Grandparent as the basis for Dual Citizenship.  The estimate will be based on having received accurate information from the applicant, without any need for amending the documents due to such issues as name changes, discrepancies with first and last names on documents, birth date discrepancies, etc.  (Amendment action steps will be either charged separately or be the direct responsibility of the applicant, based on the laws of the State involved.)  Any extra genealogy related research will also be priced separately.  Upon completion of the document solicitation, we will supply appropriate documents to the applicant for use in their meetings with the Philadelphia Italian Consulate.

NOTE: Applicants will be responsible for paying the Italian Dual Citizen Application Fee directly to the Philadelphia Italian Consulate (currently €300)

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