Fast-Track Applications in Italy

Fast-Track Applications are a great way to acquire your Italian Dual Citizenship! Cut the wait time in half and enjoy living in Italy while your application is processed at the Italian municipality. 

What is Fast-Track?

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There is an alternative way of applying for your Italian Dual Citizenship directly in Italy rather than at one of the Italian Consulates in the country where you are currently a resident.  For example, if you are faced with a long wait time for your appointment at your US Consulate, you can travel to Italy and apply in person.  Of course, there are several rules and procedures that apply to allow this “Fast Track Application” process to work in your favor.

Although there likely is no “waiting” time for an appointment in Italy, you still must gather all the same documentation if you were applying locally here in the US or in your country of residency.  The process then requires that the applicant establishes his/her permanent residence in Italy usually for the duration of the application, which takes 4 to 9 months to be finalized.  The time frame varies with each applicant.

How does Fast-Track work?

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MY ITALIAN FAMILY has teamed up with an Italian law firm to execute the administrative details and support you in the streamlined application process in Italy.  Although you can chose any town of your liking, our preferred location is the beautiful baroque town of Martina Franca in Puglia. The town, founded in the 10th Century, is conveniently located 15 miles east of the Gulf of Taranto and is a picturesque scene of winding alleys, airy piazzas and blinding white houses with curlicue ironwork balconies. An ideal location to enjoy Italy while waiting for your application to be processed.

You will need to rent a flat (we can provide you with a place to rent at a reasonable price) and to stay initially in your new residence for a few weeks.  During this time, the local Police officer (or vigile) will visit you to establish that you are living there.   It is advisable that you remain in Italy until the first step “Residency Registration” is completed, which usually takes about 45-60 days to be completed. (If it not possible to stay a full 2 months, we normally find another solution.)

Once the Residency Registration is completed and you have officially applied for the Italian citizenship, you are free to leave Italy while still keeping your legal residence in Italy. We will then continue to manage the process on your behalf.  However, you must have the flexibility and ability to come back to Italy for special appointments that may be required.

What's involved in getting Fast-Track from Start to Finish?

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Our fees for assisting you throughout the process covers the following activities:

• Assessment on eligibility and “Analysis & Planning” consultation sessions

• Collecting all Vital Records from Italy and from the US of your qualifying family lineage, including International Apostilles

• Collecting appropriate US Naturalization proof documents

• Conducting all the required translations of US Vital Records to Italian

• Contact with the relevant Italian town hall and citizenship office for confirmation of the list of documents

• Drafting and preparation of application documents 

• Assistance in filing application for citizenship at the town hall and follow up

• Assistance with permit of stay application (filing, fingerprinting and retrieval)

• Assistance with Town Hall registration and follow up

• Assistance after the adjudication of Italian citizenship to finalize the process: adjudication, transcriptions of documents and obtainment of an Italian identity card.

Let's get started!

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If this all reads like a “daunting” task, we are here to help and support you in your quest for Italian Dual Citizenship.  If this fits your situation and your goals of gaining Italian Citizenship faster than applying through a local US or other country Italian Consulate, please contact us for more information via email at: [email protected]