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The Italian law regulating civil vital registration records allows the release of EXTRACTS of the original Birth/Marriage/Death acts with complete details (parents’ names and all side notations, i.e. Long Form). This is the format required by the Italian Consulate to process your application for Italian Dual Citizenship. Please carefully review our procedure, cost of the service, timelines, shipping and disclaimers. If you still have questions, you can read our FAQs or call us at 1-888-472-0171 (Option 2) or your can go ahead and order the Italian vital records you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is hard to say how long it may take to receive the document requested: usually it's about 6 to 8 weeks or more. Italian public sources will be solicited after 5 weeks, first by fax or email and then by telephone. Ultimately, you will either receive the record(s) requested or a notification of No Record Found.

You can check the STATUS OF YOUR ORDER at all time by logging into your "My Italian Family account" or you can call us Toll Free at 1-888-472-0171 (Select Option #2). We answer live 7 days a week from 9AM to 7PM EST.


Fees & Timelines

US $90 processing fee to request each individual Birth, Marriage, Death, Certificate Positive/Negative  and Certificate of Citizenship Records. Additional copies are $10 each. REMEMBER: The Italian Consulate will not return the Italian documents you submit with your application. You can buy one or more additional copies if more than one family member is applying with you or to keep as an heirloom.

US $200 processing fee to request an individual Military Record.

US $100 down payment to request a Historical State of the Family Record (Stato di Famiglia Storico). Even though there is no standard procedure, some Town offices can charge up to an amount that can reach $15 to $20 per name listed in the document. If a family was composed on average of 10 names or more, it would cost you approximately: $150 to $200 additional processing fee per document. PLEASE NOTE:State of the Family Records started to be recorded before the 1900s in the North of Italy but only after 1930 in the South of Italy. This is because the office in charge of issuing such documents called Anagrafe was created after 1930; by then your Ancestors may have migrated away and no information is available on their family.For more information on our Research Options please visit our Research Section.

When your request is forwarded to the appropriate government office, your credit card or PayPal account will be charged or your check cashed, depending on your form of payment.

DISCLAIMER: My Italian Family does not guarantee the result of the request that will be sent to Italian sources. In acting purely as an intermediary, we still rely on the work of officials who may or may not cooperate. Records may be kept in separate archives, may have changed location, or suffered damages, thus reducing the chances of success. The most common reason for failure is the result of a customer asking us to request an individual document to the wrong town of origin. Please remember: all family documents in Italy are ONLY maintained in the EXACT town. 

We do not offer refunds. In the event the Italian Town Hall notifies us that the record or records could not be found, you may want to perform some additional research here in the U.S. to make sure the information you provide is correct. For more information, please visit our Research US Sources Section

Additional copies: If you have ordered more than one copy but the Italian Town Hall only sends us one, you can place a new order and we will credit the amount of the additional copy or copies you had originally ordered. 


Fees & Timelines

When you order a document, My Italian Family will do the following:

Mail a written request to the Italian Town hall – In order to prevent fraud and to comply with the requirements of the existing privacy laws (Law no. 675/1996 implementing EU Directive 95/46 on Personal Data Protection), more and more town halls require a signed authorization letter by means of which the direct descendant authorizes us to request family documents on his or her behalf, and a copy of the direct descendants’ valid photo ID (passport or driver’s license). These documents will be forwarded to the local town hall together with a copy of our valid photo ID. 

Unlimited follow-ups by communicating (fax, email and/or phone) with the Italian Town Hall to obtain an official reply, either with the record(s) ordered or with a notification of No Record Found.

Translate the record(s) from Italian to English.


Fees & Timelines

Parish Churches: Please note that My Italian Family will ONLY process requests to Town Halls (for Birth/Marriage/Death Records and Certificate of Citizenship Records) and to State Archives (for Military Records), but NOT to Parish Churches. If you are interested in researching Church Records, we recommend that you authorize one of our research projects onsite in Italy. For more information please visit our Research Section.

Town Halls of Rome and Milan: We do NOT forward written requests to the town halls of Rome and Milan. In order to acquire individual document/s issued in the format required by the Italian Consulate to process Italian Dual Citizenship applications, we have to send one of our researchers onsite in person to submit the request. It may take up to thirty days for these town halls to issue the document/s requested. To receive a quote, please email us at [email protected]

Fees & Timelines

To order an individual document, you need to have the essential information of your Italian Ancestor

- Full name of your Ancestor

- Date of his or her Birth/Marriage/Death

- EXACT Town in which your Ancestor was born/married/died

- His or her Parents’ Names (if available)

If you don't have this information, you may want to visit our Research U.S. Records Section where you can get FREE advice on how to acquire the missing information.

REMEMBER: All family documents in Italy are ONLY maintained in the EXACT town where your ancestor was born.  

NOTE: The Italian Consulate will not return the original Italian documents you submit with your application. You can buy one or more additional copies now if more than one family member is applying with you or to keep as an heirloom.

NEW: We are also able to obtain registration of birth and/or marriage records of newly recognized Italian Citizens if required for issuance of your EU (European Union) passport. Enter your town of birth (marriage if you are ordering your marriage) as well as the Italian town where your birth (or marriage if you are ordering your marriage) was registered.


Fees & Timelines

Yes, our Toll-Free number is 1-888-472-0171. We answer live Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM EST. Otherwise, please leave your number & email address and we will get back to you ASAP. For questions regarding Italian Dual Citizenship, we recommend you schedule one of our Telephone Consultations. 

You can also Email us at [email protected]

Send us a Fax to 1-866-728-8919

Or you can use our Mailing Address: My Italian Family LLC - 6542A Lower York Road #204 - New Hope, PA 18938


Fees & Timelines

The following are our shipping fees: 

- Shipping within the US by USPS Priority Mail ($10 per order with tracking)

- Shipping outside the US by USPS Registered Mail ($30 per order with tracking) 

- Shipping in the US or outside the US by Express Mail. If you are interested in overnight shipping, please send us an email at [email protected] and we will let you know what the cost is. 

USPS: United States Postal Service

NOTE: We are not responsible in the event the US Postal Service, for any reason, does not deliver the mail to the address you provided when you placed your order. A tracking number is always provided and proof of signature is required. 


Fees & Timelines