Start to Finish Program

We have been helping people with their Italian Dual Citizenship Applications for over 15 years. We now offer a "Start to Finish" program that will take you right up to your appointment with the Italian Consulate. We tailor the program to your specific needs; determine if you qualify, research and order all the required Italian and US vital records, acquire certified Naturalization proof documents, translate vital records to Italian, and put together your application portfolio ahead of your Italian Consulate appointment.

Begin the Journey with our "Start to Finish" Program

More Information

This is Stage 2 of our "Start to Finish" program. 


  • We will establish your list of Italian and US documents required, including Naturalization Proof Papers, Certified Vital Records, Apostilles and Translations to Italian. 
  • We will prepare an estimate of the cost and timelines for My Italian Family to complete your application (Please refer to the estimate below).
  • Once a plan is agreed between My Italian Family and yourself, research will begin in both Italy and the US. 
  • Outcome: We will supply you with all the appropriate documentation for you to present at your meeting with the Italian Consulate that has jurisdiction over the State where you reside.

Our “Start-to-Finish” Program includes collection of all birth/marriage/divorce/death records from Italy and the United States (other Countries are priced separately). Additional costs may be incurred for records needed from either New York City or New York State.  These costs may include required Legal Fees for Court Orders. 

Fee Structure:

If your parent was born in Italy, the estimate (*) is between: $1,500 - $2,500

If your grandparent was born in Italy, the estimate (*) is: $2,500 - $4,000

If your great-grandparent was born in Italy, the estimate (*) is: $4,000 - $5,500

If your great-great-grandparent was born in Italy, the estimate (*) is: $5,500 - $7,000

(*) Estimate is based on having received accurate information from you, without any need for amending the documents due to such issues as name changes, discrepancies with first and last names on documents, birth date discrepancies, etc. Amendment action steps will be either charged separately or be your direct responsibility, based on the laws of the State involved. Any extra genealogy related research will also be priced separately.

Our "Start to Finish Program" also includes the booking of your appointment with the Italian Consulate that has jurisdiction over the State where you have permanent residency. For a list of Italian Consulates, click HERE.

If you are planning to apply in Italy, please visit our FAST-TRACK APPLICATIONS section.