Schedule a Phone Consultation

Schedule a Phone Consultation

Interested in obtaining Italian Dual Citizenship? We make the application process simple and easy. Partner with us to confirm your eligibility and collect the necessary vital records that will qualify you for dual citizenship!

We are offering a FREE 15-minute Telephone Consultation for applicants who have questions regarding qualification requirements, required documentation and tips on how to make an appointment with the Italian Consulate here in the US (among other questions). Simply call us at 1-888-472-0171 (Option 1) Monday through Saturday, 9AM to 5PM EDT. 

In addition, if you want to get started with us, we offer FOUR (4) different Telephone Consultations, from answering a few pressing questions, analyzing your family lineage and creating a full proposal to gather all your documents, to reviewing your application ahead of your Consular interview, and, if you applying through marriage, assisting you with completing the online spousal application form.

For over 15 years, senior members of the team have been helping applicants prepare for their Consulate appointments.  For complex situations, we will also turn to our Legal Team who specializes in Italian Dual Citizenship law. 

Starting at $100

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What you can expect to receive

Q&A Consultation is a 30-minute telephone consultation with our Dual Citizenship Manager or our Immigration Lawyer to answer your most pressing questions regarding eligibility requirements, procurement of Italian and US vital records, etc. The intent is to review together your family history against the multitude of criteria set forth by both the Italian Government and locally by the Italian Consulates. Outcome: We will answer as many questions as we can in the 30 minute time frame. The fee is $100.

Analysis & Planning  Consultation PLUS is a 60-minute telephone consultation with our Dual Citizenship Team to review your entire family tree, perform FREE preliminary research to complete and/or confirm your family chart, see if we can determine if you qualify and establish a pursuit path for Italian Dual Citizenship. We will identify all required Italian and US documents, pitfalls and missing information will also be discussed. Outcome: A personalized plan to pursue your Italian Dual Citizenship with our "Start to Finish" Program. The fee is $200. If you sign up for the entire "Start-to-Finish" Program, the $200 consultation fee will be credited against the entire cost of putting together your document portfolio. 

Application Review Consultation is a 60-minute telephone consultation with our Italian Dual Citizenship Team. This option is designed for people who have already gathered all the documents and would like to have their application reviewed before their appointment with the Italian Consulate. Outcome: A review of your entire application; our findings will be discussed with you over the phone. The fee is $300.

Spousal Application Consultation is a 60-minute telephone consultation designed for people who hold Italian Dual Citizenship and would like to have their Spouse apply for citizenship. Outcome: We will determine if your spouse does in fact qualify and establish what action steps are required to apply, including assistance with completing the online spousal application form on the Italian "Ministero dell'Interno" website. The fee is $200

The Process

If you would like to order the Q&A Consultation or the Analysis & Planning Consultation PLUS, before we can evaluate whether or not you may qualify for Italian citizenship jure sanguinis, you must have the following information:

1. The birth dates of every family member in a direct line between you and your Ancestor from Italy (you should at least know the year)

2. The location of birth, marriage and death events for every family member in a direct line between you and your Ancestor from Italy

3. Information regarding your Ancestor's naturalization

You should also provide a list of burning questions that you would like to discuss during the call.

If you would like to order the Application Review Consultation, you will need to scan and email to us all the documents you have already acquired (we prefer to set up a folder for you to privately upload copies of your docs for us to read), including a list of all your specific questions along with a Family Chart ahead of the Telephone Consultation call. We will ask you to fill out a form with your family information and return it to us ahead of your Telephone Consultation along with a day and time that works for you. We conduct consultations over the phone on weekdays and also on weekends to accommodate your schedule. 

If you would like to order the Spousal Application Consultation, we will provide a special Family Chart for you to complete listing birth and marriage dates, locations, ect. and email back prior to the call. We will also ask you to provide a list of issues you would like to discuss during the call. After our team reviews your information, we will conduct the telephone consultation with you to discuss our conclusions, suggested procedures and costs to utilize our support services.

Things to know before you buy

The consultation fee will be charged regardless of the conclusions drawn after evaluating your situation. Each individual case is different and may or may not lead to dual citizenship. If you have ordered the $200 Analysis & Planning Consultation and we discover you don't qualify for Italian Dual Citizenship based on the current requirements, you will only be charged for the $100 Q&A Consultation. 

The application must be submitted PERSONALLY to the Italian consulate having territorial jurisdiction for the State in which you reside -- not the one where you were born. It is not possible to delegate a lawyer to process your application with any Italian Consulate.

Starting at $100

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