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Founded in the year 2000, My Italian Family® specializes in family research and Italian dual citizenship services to help all people with an Italian origin to reconnect to their roots back in Italy.

From 1880 onwards, approximately 25 million Italians have migrated from their homeland to the New Worlds; struggling to achieve a better future, if not for them, at least for their children and grand-children. Most of them have never gone back.

Today's subsequent generations know very little about their ancestors who abandoned the "old way" to follow a dream. Living around the World, they have a strong desire to understand the country, the culture, the people, the long-lost family members and where they came from.

With more than 30 professional researchers located onsite in Italy as well as here in the US, we have been helping thousands of customers researching their Italian ancestors (genealogy), reconnecting to their living relatives, traveling to their Ancestral town and finally applying for Italian Dual Citizenship, i.e. Italian passport.

We strive to provide an excellent and professional service for everyone Italian.


Bianca Ottone, Founder

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