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Are you from North America? my Italian Family has selected a number of professional genealogists who will research Italian record sources.
Hire a qualified genealogist to research your Family through your local record sources and obtain the essential information to trace back your roots in Italy.
my Italian Family will provide you with guidance and advice if you want to research local record sources on your own.

Are you already in your third/fourth generation and the memories of your great - great grandparents are fading away? my Italian Family is here to help you.

In order to research Italian sources, you need to have the essential information to conduct your research in Italy:

Full name of your Ancestor

Approximate date of birth

Town in which he/ she was born

If you know already the needed information of your Ancestor and you are ready to start a research project in Italy, GO HERE
  If you want to take advantage of our FREE Initial Consultation, FILL THIS FORM
  If your country of residence is NOT North America, you can send us a request of information using the following e-mail address:
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