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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take to get My Italian Citizenship?
It partially depends on the amount of time needed to track down and process birth, marriage and death certificates in your State in the U.S. and your comune in Italy.

As soon as all the certificates from your State in the U.S. and from your comune in Italy have arrived, you may have to wait another few weeks for the apostilles (or legalizations), though you can usually save time if you go in person to your State government office that provides the apostilles. Also, you have to account for the time needed to translate your U.S. certificates into Italian.

Translate your U.S. Certificates into Italian here

You can complete the application for citizenship jure sanguinis and get it notarized in a day. The real question is how long it will take for the Italian embassy or consulate to process your application. It may take anywhere from one week to one year.

How much is this process going to cost me?
It is recommended to budget several hundred dollars for the entire process. Certificates from your State in the U.S. and from the commune in Italy, apostilles and translations all add up. Plus, the fee for an Italian passport is approximately $30 USD for one year and $145 USD for five years, though these prices may vary from country consulate to country consulate.

How will I know that I qualify for Italian Citizenship?
The Italian authority through which you submitted your application for citizenship will contact you. You will be notified either by telephone or most likely by mail with a letter stating that you are officially recognized as an Italian citizen.

How long will it take for my Italian passport to arrive once I have obtained My Italian Citizenship?
It depends how quickly the Italian embassy or consulate processes passport requests. From the moment you submit your passport application, it could take anywhere from one to six weeks.

How can I solve any discrepancies in the names?
Check all documents word by word to make sure that there are no discrepancies or changes in the names, last names, dates and places of birth. All documents issued outside Italy must bear the name or family name of the interested parties exactly as issued on the original Italian birth certificate; eg. (Brambilla and not Brimbilla)
All variation or errors must be corrected with an official "affidavit to amend a record" to be requested from the Vital Statistics Office that issued the document or with other appropriate official document.
Please have a list of all the discrepancies that you found in the documents.
This is required for the Citizenship Office to expedite your request.

I don't seem to qualify under the current requirements; are there some other ways for me to acquire My Italian Citizenship?
If you are truly committed to becoming an Italian citizen, you may do so after legally living in Italy (i.e. with a visa or permit of some sort) for the following periods of time:

  • One year if you are have formerly held Italian citizenship
  • Three years if you are a foreigner with native-born Italian parents or grandparents
  • Four years if you are a citizen of another EU country
  • Ten years if you are a citizen of a non-EU country
You are also eligible for Italian citizenship if you marry an Italian citizen. If you and your spouse live in Italy, you can apply for citizenship after six months of marriage. If you both live outside of Italy, you can apply after three years of marriage. For further information, contact the nearest Italian authority

For any other questions related the eligibility and acquisition of Italian citizenship, please refer to the Embassy of Italy and its respective Consular offices.

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